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Private-Jet Catering


Our In-Flight Catering offers unparalleled food and genuine hospitality to the private jet industry.  Each menu is thoughtfully designed to elevate the passenger experience by hand selecting fresh, local ingredients and providing an exquisite presentation.


VIP Treatment


Because the dining experience has become the signature trait of a successful VIP flight, Flight crew demand excellence in quality, presentation, and service. Our passion to provide best in class service gives you peace of mind for your next flight.

Location, Location, Location!

Our new facility is conveniently located on-site at MSP-International. We can deliver airside or landside; the choice is truly yours.

Concierge Service

We offer convenient concierge services as a one-stop solution to provide all of your in-flight needs.

• Newspapers and Magazines
• Flower arrangements
• Party supplies
• Laundry services
• Equipment washing
• Cabin supplies
• Beer and Wine selections
• Restaurant facilitation

Ordering from us is simple

We understand that two flights are never the same. Our award-winning chefs are very open to preparing your favorites and accommodating individual needs.

Stay in touch


We love hearing from our customers, potential customers and partners. To connect with Sky Food Airline Catering anytime, just call us or e-mail us.

Corporate Offices: 212 2nd St SE Minneapolis, MN 55414

(612) 445-7040