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Our Mission


Our mission is to create an exceptional experience for our customers through our passion for innovative food and service. Our team of international culinary experts and hospitality professionals specialize in menu design, going above and beyond the industry standards, and raising the bar for an unparalleled experience.
Sky Food Airline Catering encompasses all aspects of a full-service airline and lounge catering company. We set ourselves apart from the competition by exclusively treating each and every passenger we serve as a VIP, whether they are flying first class or economy. This type of experience is what we pride ourselves on; cutting edge food knowledge coupled with unsurmountable
customer service.

Products & Services

  • Menu design
  • Food assembly
  • Food quality management
  • Product traceability
  • Diversion services
  • Top up services
  • Bar and Dry packing
  • Supply management
  • Equipment washing
  • Laundry services
  • Dry Stores
  • Buy-on-Board and Duty-Free concessions
  • Bond management
  • Domestic and International waste management
  • Product assessment and waste reduction
  • Aircraft loading and unloading

Ordering from us is simple

We understand that two flights are never the same. Our award-winning chefs are very open to preparing your favorites and accommodating individual needs.

Stay in touch


We love hearing from our customers, potential customers and partners. To connect with Skyfood Catering anytime, just call us or e-mail us.

Corporate Offices: 212 2nd st SE Minneapolis, MN 55414

(612) 445-7040